Life Update: Adjustments

It’s been almost a month since I arrived here in Australia, and it’s been over a week since I moved in with Monchee and it has been nothing short of amazing! I honestly still cannot believe that I am actually here and that we can be together for good now. It seems as though the six years that we were long-distance just went by so fast. It all still feels so surreal to me. I just really cannot believe that I’m actually living with Monchee, my partner for life. I knew it was bound to happen, but now that I’m actually living it, it just won’t sink it. I have gotten so used to being away from him for a long time, of us just being together three weeks tops til it’s time to say bye again. But this time, no one is leaving anymore. It feels different, it feels new but I like it. I like being able to hug him in the morning and give him kisses before we retire for the night. I get to share a meal with him, basically play house with him. I’m telling you, everything is awesome!

I’m still adjusting to many things. For one, I’m learning to be more domesticated than I was before (I am NOT domesticated AT ALL), and that’s one HUGE thing I have to work on. Monchee just recently taught me how to take the train (I cried when he told me I have to learn how to take public transportation). Australia is a whole new country for me, it really is NOTHING like the US, it’s really different. Don’t get me wrong though, I like how you can pay through ‘tap’ here, it’s so convenient! I literally don’t have to bring my wallet anymore, just my Apple watch and my iPhone. They speak English but it’s nothing like the English I’ve been speaking my whole life (don’t get me started with ‘zed’). Oh, and the accent is so thick and they speak so fast that I feel the need to give my brain a quick jolt just to absorb the words. Oh, also, I got the nastiest sunburn ever but the view we had the entire time made everything worth it. I know there will be more adjustments I have to make sooner or later, but right now I’m just basking under this beautiful dream I get to live now.

Will be giving an update again some time soon. 🙂


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