I Wish You Were Here…

As things are slowly happening for me, as I am slowly starting to live my dream… I cannot help but wish my Kuya was here to witness it all unfold. I wonder what he would tell me now, if he was still here with us. I wonder how he would feel seeing his little sister settle down and actually start living my life the way I have always wanted. I know that, wherever he is, he is happy for me. But I would prefer to have him around still. I want to hear whatever he has to say in person, to actually hear his voice. I want to see the look on his face when I tell him that I’m getting married soon. I want him to see me happy and contented with my life now. I need to hear him tell me that he is happy for me too. I miss him a lot, especially now. I miss him. I want him back.

I miss you, Kuy.


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